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Digital Hearing Aids

With 3D scanning, CAD/ CAM technology, audiologists, manufacturers, service centers can design and produce the perfect customized hearing aid shells, ear moulds, noise protection and soft moulds for customers.We provide an integrated digital solution for hearing aids industry by using ear impression scanner, rapid shell modeling software, 3d printer.

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As developed one hundred years, the hearing Aid have many types, such as invisible hearing Aid, in-the-ear type, and behind-ear type, pocket type, glass type, hairpin type, pen type and wireless type. The hearing effect is improved greatly and the market value is up to several billions of dollars.

Among these types, the in-the ear Aid may be the most convenient and comfortable, what is more important, it could achieve the desired audio effect and enhance user’s ability to hear. According to its shape, in-the ear aids could be divided into in-the ear type (English abbreviation ITE), in- the-canal type (English abbreviation ITC or CC), mini in-the-canal type (English abbreviation MITC), and invisible complete -in –the- canal type (English abbreviation CIC, IIC or TYM). Because all these aids are put in the ear, so all these hearing aids are called in –the –ear hearing Aids.

 Due to the difference of ear canal shape, if in-the-ear hearing Aids want to make user feel comfortable, it must be customized according to the shape of users’ ear canal, so it could be also called customized hearing Aids. The advantages of customized hearing Aids are as follows:

  • Compact shape , good invisibility
  • Customized according to ear canal shape, feel comfortable and not easy to lose.
  • Not easy to be filled with water and sweat, easy to make maintenance.

Phonax, the Swiss land hearing aid manufacturer, is a pioneer in manufacturing of customized hearing aids, as early as in 2000; it developed Rapid shell modeling software of hearing aid by cooperation with Materialise, the 3D printing Service Company in Belgium, it is also called RSM process for short. Since 2005, by cooperation with Envision Tec, the 3D printing Service Company in Germany, Phonax has developed the Digital Shell Modeling software, which is used for batch printing of hearing aid shell.

  The applications of 3D scanning and 3D optical measurement technology in customization of hearing aids are mainly as follows:
(1). Do not have side effect for ear and could get accurate shape of ear quickly , and it could also improve the quality of current hearing aids when they are used for reverse design of customized hearing aids and earphone .
(2). the digital file and detection result, gotten from object by 3D scanning, could help modeler calibrate ear impression and correct the mistake by reusing ear impression.

 The applications of 3D printing technology in customization of personalized hearing aids are mainly as follows:
(1). 3D printer could print different shape objects at the same time, so it could batch print different shape shell of hearing aids.
(2) It could also be used to research, develop, and produce other parts of hearing aids.


The benefits brought by SHINING 3D integrated solutions:

1. Automatic 3 d scanning technology: simple, easy to use, apply efficiently and quickly.
- Dedicated 3D scanner and software are more suitable for using by hearing aids technicians.
- With high automation, buyer can complete 3D scanning easily by pressing only one key.

2. High precision of 3D scanned data ensures the effect of reverse design and accuracy of inspection.
- 3D data gotten from users’ ear canal shape, make design more easily and exactly.
- Base on users’ ear canal model, it could complete the inspection of hearing aids rapidly and ensure the quality of product.

3. 3D printing solution could help the hearing aids enterprises drive on a fast development lane and are more competitive in the market.
- 3D printing technology reduced the manufacturing steps of customized hearing aids from original 8 or 9 steps to 3 steps , they are scanning , modeling and printing . once the modeling is finished by technician, 3D printer could produce hearing aid shell rapidly and the efficiency is improved greatly .
- Application of 3D printer in hearing aids industry reduces the production cost and ensures the quality coherence of in-the-ear hearing aids.
- The selling price of customized hearing aids is higher and could increase the profit for enterprises.

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