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Digital Dental

Shining3D supply a unique and complete 3d digital dental solution, including the dental model scan to dental restoration design. Meanwhile, we use 3d printing machine to manufacture the dental restorations.
As an innovative self-developed solution provider, our system is open for third party software and equipment for integration. It is a perfect choice for integrated system company to build a custimized system, and the end ueser can choose the system depend on his request as well. We have the technology that helps you create a perfectly integrated Dental CAD/CAM solution.

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Digital dentistry refers to diagnosis, design, treatment and information tracing by computer technology and aided equipment, among which CAD/CAM technology, the computer aided design and computer aided machining, is a kind of digital dentistry technology that are widely applied to dental restoration .

Digital dentistry from SHINING 3D are mainly the CAD/CAM technology and products that are applied to dental restoration, they mainly include CAD/CAM equipment and printed materials. SHINING 3D also provide a complete set of digital repair solutions, which bring the digital production model and automotive production model to the design and production stage of dental restoration . Dental laboratory could produce dental crown, dental bridge, plaster model and planting guide template exactly, quickly and high efficiently by 3D scanning, CAD/CAM design and 3D printing. Design and manufacturing of dental restorations are mainly made manually in clinic and efficiency is low, however, digital dentistry showed broad space for development. Digitized technology could release the heavy manual work and eliminate the bottleneck of precision and efficiency caused by manual modeling.

 SHINING 3D provide buyer an unique but a complete set of digital dental solutions, that is a process solution ,including 3 D scanning, CAD design and 3D printing , which help you create an era of digital dentistry.
SHINING 3D constantly promote the application of digital technology in dental industry through close cooperation with dental laboratory and dental hospital, and joint with international well-known soft companies of dental design and 3D printer manufacturers; Combining the real situation of buyer, SHINING 3D provide buyer efficient digital dental solutions, that would help buyer ensure the quality and precision of denture, reduce the production cycle, and increase production output. Our products include dental 3D scanner, design software of fix dental restoration, software of flexible dental restoration, software of planting guide temperate, 3D printing equipment and printed materials. We devote ourselves to providing digital dental equipment and software:

3D Scanning
The digital model, gotten through 3D scanning, has high precision. Compared with traditional process, digital model could predict clinical outcome, provide better oral care and better experience for patient, it could also improve work efficiency and realize the digitization of model storage. The flexible and open type STL (3D) file could dock with other system (include beside cutting system of diagnosis and treatment chair and cutting system of laboratory). In view of these advantages, the manufacturing center of dentist and denture or other cooperator could choose the best solution so that the expected clinical effect could be realized.

CAD Design
With the aid of professional CAD design system of 3D dentistry, it provides 3D type and quick dental restoration design, which has the characteristics of easy use , high precision , simple process and open , it could also save much time and cost , and ensure you obtain higher quality restorations compared with traditional hand-made restorations.

3D Printing
With the aids of 3D printer, it could realize the digitization of work process from CAD file to physical model. By 3D printer, it could greatly shorten the denture production time and improve the production efficiency and capacity. Relying on the leading and sophisticated technology, SHINING 3D is seizing the market.

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