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2D/3D Laser Sub-surface Engraving

Glass laser finishing products has a wide application, and it can be used in 2D/3D Laser Sub-surface Engraving for all the area of glass decoration, glass furniture, glass painting, glass photo,etc.

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Laser-subsurface-engraving technology, which could engrave three-dimensional and two-dimensional patters arbitrary by applying post-processing method, such as LED light, toughening treatment ,heat bending and decorative building accessories ,is a new type, environment friendly and energy-saving technology for building decorative glass. Such engraved glasses could be used as new type building materials for house decoration, hotel partition, and hallway, and window, door of bathroom and mirror of Hand Sink. And they could also be developed to Acrylic Sculpture on outdoor advertisement. SHINING 3D, with 10 years’ experience in micro-engraving technology, is the first brand in laser –micro-engraving field.

Compared with other outer wall materials, glass has the advantages of beautiful, economy and light. With the giant construction demand, the flat glass and other building materials are stimulated and sustainable developed, China is currently the world's largest country in terms of production and consumption of flat glass. As the deep processing of glass product is more and more advanced and skilled , the engraved glass products can be seen everywhere ,such as partition, hallway, guardrail and wall in star hotels, restaurants and office buildings. The deep processed glass products ,such as glass tableware , glass furniture , home decoration, art frame and art glass collections ,are become everyday items in common family .

However, before glass subsurface-engraving technology is appeared, deep processing of glass was by pickling, carving and sand blasting, which pollute the environment and consume much energy. This problem is realized and glass processing center government has implemented restriction policy and even closes such enterprises that processing glass by pickling, carving and sand blasting. So all enterprises ,who deep process glass, are looking forward to a kind of green, non-pollution, energy-saving technology for deep processing of glass--- and then laser-subsurface-engraving machine is invented at this moment.


Laser carving method in the glass is a new technology of glass deep processing industry, has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, high degree of automation, which can realize digitalization and standardization production, at the same time, it also improve the production efficiency and increase the qualification rate of product percent. After engraved inside of the glass, it also can be treated later by toughening, filming and heat bending so that the glass is more suitable for usage. Laser glass subsurface engraving technology is an innovation of traditional processing of glass; large-format laser subsurface sculpture could be used as new solution and upgrading of traditional decoration glass industry.

By applying the latest laser technology, SHINING 3D ensure low energy consumption and high efficiency of operation; we provide you with overall solution from pattern design, process control of laser engraving, post processing of product, and application & development . Whoever you are as the following practitioner of glass product business, you could find your needed technical support and solutions from us:

(1)Glass specialized market : main business is batch processing of glass
(2)Decoration market: supply regular finished product +customized service for personalized products at the advantage of region.
(3)Engineering project: provide customized solution for club, KTV, hotel and hardcover apartment.
(4)Wedding photo studio + network operator: provide personalization service and customized service for network.
(5)Comprehensive operation + development of chain operation: sale product directly and develop franchisee


Recommended applied field :

1. Glass mirror ( ultra-white glass +laser subsurface engraving + pattern design +toughening treatment +LED light)

2. Glass Partition ,sliding door( ultra-white glass +laser subsurface engraving + pattern design +toughening treatment/cement +LED light)


3. Glass bathroom door ((ultra-white glass +laser subsurface engraving + pattern design+ heat bending)




 The integrated solution of glass subsurface engraving technology from SHINING 3D could create following benefits for enterprises that do deep processing business of glass:
1.Saving energy: the power of laser inside the laser engraving machine is normally 2-5 watt, which means power consumption per 1000 hours is 2 to 5 KWh, plus the power consumption of mechanical parts,it is only 3 to 6 KWh, compared with power consumption of more than 10 KWh or 30-40 KWh of traditional engraving by sand blasting and Silk-screen printing, the power consumption of laser subsurface engraving solution is too less.

2.Environment-friendly: because laser beam from laser engraving machine is working inside glass and does not need any consumable materials, so engraving process does not produce dust, volatile matters and would not cause emissions, almost not bring pollution to environment. Compared with traditional engraving by sand blasting, Silk-screen printing and pickling, laser engraving improved much in terms of environment protection, the working environment is also greatly improved.

3 .High automation: the whole carving process is automatically controlled by computer when glass materials are placed on the position , compared with traditional carving by sand blasting , it has advantages of low intensity of labor and low noise , and realizes standardization , digitization ,networking process and can be remote controlled . So safety is ensured and the combined cost is reduced greatly.

4.Customization of personalized products and batch processing of different demand could be realized quickly: digital design could be seamlessly integrated into laser processing and meet the demand of customization of personalized product, moreover, you can batch process the product on the large-format working table for a long time.

5.Would increase profit rate of deep processing industry of glass: return of investment from laser engraving is higher than the rate from other deep processing industry of glass because it has the advantages of high efficiency, widely application, different demands from high-end market, middle-end market and low end of market, lower labor and management cost, and few practitioner.

6.It is suitable for all the places that need glass such as glass doors and windows, mirrors, sliding doors, partition, background wall, decorative painting, bathroom, chairs and tables, celling, ground and art collections.