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Reverse Engineering

Reverse design is the key step in Reverse Engineering. Designers obtain the 3D digital model of the current product, process product sample surface (3D data collecting, 3D data processing).Then designers utilize software to make CAD model,making data analysis, redesign, CNC programming, machining by CAD/CAE/CAM system.

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 Reverse engineering or reverse design also called inverse engineering or inverse design, mainly based on modern design theory, method and measurement technology, it transforms the current product model or physical model into engineering model and concept model by applying the design experience, knowledge and innovative ideal from professional engineers, and realizes re-design and re-creation on the basis of deepen dissection of such a model, it is a design based on existed design.
According to statistics, it may shorten the development cycle of product more than 40% when the reverse design is applied as an important method during product development.


 1. High quality 3D digital provides reverse design with the model reconstruction foundation.

3D digital of physical object is the first step to reverse design; the result of digital model of such a physical object may directly affect the quality of final model surface of reconstructed model. 3D digital equipment from SHINING 3D provide buyer timely and high precision 3D digital model. The latest version of 3DScan software will assist to complete the simple post-processing of point cloud data (closing holes, removing overlaps and getting rid of noise).

Pre-processing of point cloud data

2. Professional curved surface reconstruction software, let reverse design more automatically and efficient.

-Geomagic Desigan X/ Geomagic Studio all are professional software for reverse design ,which ensure the users get perfect polygon and NURBS model

-Output of industry format: STL、IGES、STEP and CAD, etc.

3. Not limited to design of new product , reverse design can also be used for more :

-Based on the partial scan data, it can create 3D physical digital model quickly.
-Supplement for defected parts during assembly
 -Quick creation and rendering of digital model during product design .

4. Not limited to reverse design of industry product , reverse design can also be used for more business:

- Industry manufacture: vehicle, home appliance, sports equipment, toys, etc. any enterprises that need development of new product may use reverse design.

- Cultural creativity industry: cultural relics, movie and television, artwork, cartoon characters, virtual multimedia, advertisement and animation, etc.

-Biomedical industry: The body shape measurement, Medical assistant equipment manufacturing (example: artificial limb), denture, etc.


Shining 3D reverse design, with the advantages of the following aspects:

1. It contributes to rapid manufacturing the products from concept model,  helping shorten new product development cycles.

2. Accelerate product development, reduce development costs.

3. Reverse design is the redesign of existing designs, it helps to design a better product.

4. You can establish a rapid response to market in the enterprise technology platform, size the opportunity advanced in the market  competition 

5. Design software comes with simple detection function,  the reconstruct the three-dimensional model can be tested, analyzed and corrected, thereby generating 3d solid model for  mold design, 3D printing or CNC machining.

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