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exocad ® DentalCAD


Powerful dental CAD software

exocad ® DentalCAD is the leading OEM branded dental CAD software:great for beginners, yet powerful in the hands of an expert.

Wide range of indications

Already the standard version, exocad ® DentalCAD covers
a wide variety of indications:

• Anatomic crowns
• Anatomic copings
• Simple copings
• Bridge frameworks
• Inlays
• Onlays
• Veneers
• Waxup digital copy milling
• Waxup-based frameworks
• Primary telescopes
• Extra-coronal attachments


Once you‘re familiar with the base functionality of our softare, there‘s more to discover:

• Work with pre-op models, and adapt your restorations
to them
• Copy previous designs, or mirror healthy teeth
• Load 2D images during the design
• Take advantage of our advanced mesh editing and
matching features
• Save real 3D PDF fies, to send out design previews that
can be viewed in 3D using a standard PDF viewer

Add-ons for further indications

For more advanced indications, such as bite splints, abutments, and more, add-ons are available.



An exocad ® DentalCAD add-on

Implant module: for the design of abutments and screw-retained bridges
Virtual articulator: For dynamic occlusion
Bar module: For advanced dental bar design
Model creator: To create physical models
Provisional module: To create temporary crowns and bridges
DICOM viewer: For visualization of voxel data from CT machines during the design process
Bite splint module: For designing night guards
TruSmile Technology: For realistic rendering of dental restorations in real-time.


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