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APAC Headquarters

Hangzhou, China
SHINING 3D Tech. Co., Ltd.
P: +86-571-82999050
No. 1398, Xiangbin Road, Wenyan, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

EMEA Regional Office

Stuttgart, Germany
SHINING 3D Technology GmbH.
P: +49 (0)711 28444089
Panorama, Heilbronner straße 86, 70191, Stuttgart, Germany

Americas Regional Office

San Francisco, United States
SHINING 3D Technology Inc.
P: +1415 259 4787
1740 César Chávez St. Unit D. San Francisco, CA 94124

Technical Support

EinScan Series 3D Scanner

Tel: +86-13738029764


QQ: EinScan-S: 843430988/ EinScan-Pro: 3410260545

Skype: einscan_support

Support in EMEA area



Dental 3D Scanner


Industrial 3D Scanner

Tel: +86-18006816827


Desktop 3D Printer
Tel: +86 571-83821911, +86 18358127686