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EP-C5050 SLS Wax/ Sand Mold 3D Printer
EP-C5050 adopts laser sintering technology, and uses resin sand and disappearable fired mold as moulding materials. Combined with casting technology, EP-C5050 has large forming space and can rapidly cast the parts with complex structure, like engine cylinder block, cylinder head, turbine and impeller, etc.

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Large Forming Space

EP-C5050 rapid prototyping system can make the part with the size of 500mm*500mm*500mm, therefore, regular size parts can be made and subsequent aligning is no needed.



Reliable performance

EP-C5050 optimizes the round roll powder laying system with high stability, the yield is greatly improved.



Multiple functions

EP-C5050 can not only 3D print various kinds of plastic samples, but make wax mould and sand mould for casting. Perfectly combined with traditional foundry industry, EP-C3650 realizes the coremaking without using mould and greatly reduces the R&D and trial-producing time for casting parts in different industries.

Powerful Material development ability

EP-C5050’s sintering parameter has been hyalinized to realize users’ R&D requirements for new materials. Users can change for more kinds of powder and adjust the properties like strength, details and appearance, etc.




Model EP-C5050
Laser power CO2laser, 55W
Scanning system

High resolution scanning galvanometer (Dynamic scanning focus included)

Scanning speed


Building size


Layer thickness 0.08mm-0.3mm
Material providing method Two-side spread powder
Material  PS、Wax powder、resin sandy, etc.
Operating system Windows 7
Control software Eplus 3D printing software
Data format STL or other convertible file
Power consumable  380V 15kw
Dimension(MM) 2000(L)*1300(W)*2300(H)
Work temperature 15-30℃


Material Options


  • EP-C5050

  • EP-C5050