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Einstart-L 3D Printer

Einstart-L is the first 3D printer that passes the international UL certificate in China. Einstart-L offers fully enclosed and larger chassis print platform, satisfying the 3D printing needs for most people. Besides, it has the advantages of high accurate 3D printing effect, easy operating touch screen, unique design of appearance and online database, greatly increasing the pleasant feeling of users.

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Einstart-L got the UL safety certificate

The first desktop 3D printer that got UL satety certificate in China



Large forming space

Fully enclosed print platform is more suitable for using at office, more quiet and secure 

Dimensions: 442*497*489mm / Bulid volume: 310*220*200mm; Space forming ratio up to 12%!







3.5” touch screen


3.5” LCD color touch screen, models can be showed on the screen directly


Save 3D data in real time 


Continue to print automatically even if meeting the power off



Eco-friendly material

PLA printing material, no harm to the environment.





Download 3D printable models for free


Technical support for Shining 3D Desktop 3D Printer: 

Tel: 0571-83821911  18358127686 (Shaofu Pan)





Model Einstart-L
Dimensions 442*497*489mm
Printing ambient temperature


Internal illumination


AC input

90~264V AC 47/63Hz

Power supply 24V DC @ 5.0A
Communication SD card
Software 3dStar
Input file type .stl
Support OS Windows, Mac
Printing technology FFF
Bulid volume 310*220*200mm
Accuracy 150~350 microns
Filament diameter 1.75mm
Filament types PLA
Nozzle diameter 0.4mm
Maximum nozzle temperature 250℃



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