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With DIGISTELL software, users can design a high quality removable partial within 15 minutes. It is a top-notch software for any kind of partial design.

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DIGISTELL is part of the DIGILEA product suite, a versatile range of innovative dental CAD solutions. DIGISTELL increases your productivity, reduces the overall production cycle time while enhancing the daily way of working of the lab technicians.
DIGISTELL is the right fit for the dental labs seeking a comprehensive and proven digital design solution.
DIGISTELL is the result of several years of collaboration between dental experts and CAD/CAM engineers to deliver to the market a reliable and productive digital solution for the design of removable framework.

DIGISTELL combines the intelligence of a 3D CAD system and the know-how of lab technicians. The system guides you in a step by step workflow from the preparation, the sculpture to the finishing stage of the model. 


Between the scan of the master model and the production of the pattern with a 3D printing or milling machine, DIGISTELL is the corner stone of the digital process for partials. To choose the cutting edge DIGISTELL technology for designing your pattern, that’s the warranty to produce parts fitting right at the first time. To design DIGISTELL is an OPEN solution you will easily integrate in your lab environment, whatever the equipments already in place or your production, in-house or outsourced.

DIGISTELL combines the intelligence of a 3D CAD system and the know-how of lab technicians. The system guides you in a step by step workflow from the preparation, the sculpture to the finishing stage of the model.

Easy to use and intuitive, DIGISTELL emulates a manual wax design approach while speeding the sculpture of the pattern and increasing its accuracy.

With DIGISTELL, the lab technicians keep a full control on the design outcome. There is no limit to the design of patterns but the creativity of the technicians. The digital approach frees them from fastidious and time-consuming manual tasks to leverage their skills, their knowledge focussing on the core step of the process, the design.


A digital survey is replacing the manual surveyor to easily identify the retention areas and to setup the insertion axis in less than 1 minute. DIGISTELL displays on screen the undercut deepness according to an accurate virtual gauge.

DIGISTELL opens up a new design approach for the lab technicians. Friendly, intuitive and natural, the set of tools available with DIGISTELL enables more creativity and efficiency.

 Select a feature, create some points on the model and automatically DIGISTELL displays a preview of the digital pattern. Interactively, the lab technicians can move (add or remove) the control points to adapt precisely the placement of the pattern.

The digital patterns released with DIGISTELL are parametric and fully customizable. The lab technicians can quickly define the right set-up of each pattern, matching the dentist prescriptions and manufacturing requirements. Added to the DIGISTELL library embedded, these patterns become new standard features ready to be applied on the model.


Up to the last minute of the sculpture stage, DIGISTELL allows the technicians to handle a modification for any of the patterns designed. Just edit the mesh and DIGISTELL will restore the different parameters of the feature and its guiding curve for modification.


To reduce significantly the finishing, DIGISTELL includes various parameters optimizing the geometry of the pattern in specific areas such as the interproximal or the gingival crevice spaces.


The DIGISTELL based process is reduced by 60 to 80% compared to a conventional production process, bypassing certain preparation steps (such as the duplication) and increasing the productivity of the lab technicians.


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