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Shining3D-M2 3D Camera

Shining 3D self-developed Shining3D-Camera series cooperated with Shining3D-ELD Laser Engraving Machine and related software, we can provide whole integrated solutions for personalized crystal gifts business.

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1.Software-controlled camera, simple and intuitive. Instant image-taking;

2. Generating real 180 degree 3D model with color surface information,maximum vision scope 1-5 person.

3.  Fast 3D photo capturing, widely applied in 3D customization, 3D face identification with high security.

4. Easy to operate and maintain, portable;

Model M2
3D reconstruction resolution 0.8mm
Maximum vision scope 950mm × 650mm(1-5 person)
JPEG-format picture resolution 8.2 -14 Mega pixels
Distance to object 1.3 m~1.6m
Exposal time 1/60s-1/240s
Memory size 2G 
3D Reconstruction angle scope From 0~180°at only one view direction
Data output 3DS, DXF, OBJ,and 3DV, etc
Dimension 263mm×335mm×152mm
Weight 9kg
Power 85-265V AC



  • 3D Camera——Shining3D-Camera

  • 3D Camera——Shining3D-Camera

  • 3DVision