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EaScan II Makes First Appearance at Control Trade Fair 2018

Date:2018-04-26   Reading:1575

SHINING 3D’s newest metrology 3D scanner EaScan II makes its debut at the 32nd Control international trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany on April 24th, 2018. EaScan II is a compact scanner that adopts blue-light 3D scanning technology. It meets all the basic needs of professional metrology measurement. It allows you to acquire accurate 3D measurements of physical objects, in the most efficient and reliable way.



- Efficient and Reliable Scanning
Less than 5s for a single scan. It takes around 10 minutes to scan an object 1 meter in length with high accuracy and resolution.

- Convenient Scanning
Equipped with 3 sets of scan ranges, it is suitable for 3D measurement and inspection including both, heavy and large in size objects.

- Photo Capturing Technology, Easy to Operate
Blue light 3D scanning offers safe LED projection light.

- Full Dimension Measurement and Inspection
Non-contact measurement of organic and complex objects with full dimension inspection and measurement reports.


The new EinScan HD Prime pack is also being exhibited at Control 2018. As the latest add-on for the EinScan-Pro+ handheld 3D scanner, the EinScan HD Prime pack greatly enhances the handheld HD Scan mode by accelerating the scan speed by 30%. It also allows the capturing of rich more details, with high accuracy. The HD Prime Pack Incorporates the latest technology, enables markers-free alignment for capturing high accuracy and resolution data. It’s ideal for Reverse Engineering, Cultural Heritage Preservation, Archiving, Restoration, etc.


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