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SHINING 3D Unveils Two New EinScan Accessories at CES 2018

Date:2018-01-10   Reading:2160

 HD Prime Pack and Discovery Pack bring the 3D scanning experience to a new level


LAS VEGAS, NV – January 9, 2018- SHINING 3D, a Chinese leading company, specialized in the development and manufacturing of 3D digitizing and 3D printing technologies, unveils today two new accessories for its EinScan Series: Discovery Pack and HD Prime Pack—at CES 2018.


Two (2) new products are exhibited in the SHINING 3D booth, located at the North Hall #8706. Attendees to SHINING 3D’s booth can go hands-on with SHINING 3D’s wide range of products for a complete 3D scan to 3D print environment, including two new accessories for the EinScan Series and Einstart-C desktop 3D printers.



“We successfully launched EinScan-Pro+, the multifunctional handheld 3D scanner and EinScan SE&SP desktop 3D scanners last year, which offer our customers more choices to meet their most varied demands. This year, we refine the EinScan Series by adding two new powerful accessories, which strengthen the capabilities and expand the range of applications,” said Oscar Meza, SHINING 3D’s V.P. of Global Sales at SHINING 3D. 

EinScan Discovery Pack 


Making representations of the world in 3D, more colorful and more accurate


The EinScan Discovery Pack is a high pixel professional texture camera featuring 24-bit true-color display and 12.0 megapixel color texture, which works with both EinScan desktop 3D scanners -- EinScan-SE and EinScan-SP. It adopts the color restoration technology of Ultra-FineTM Hardware ISP video processing engine, to capture a brilliant spectrum of colors and high-fidelity textures, allowing users to get high accuracy and high resolution 3D data, in vibrant color and rich details. It is ideal for Virtual Reality, Online Shopping (eCommerce) Virtual Displays, Online Museum, 3D exhibition and more. 


EinScan HD Prime Pack


Greatly enhances the Handheld HD Scan Mode of EinScan-Pro+


The EinScan HD Prime Pack works with the EinScan handheld 3D scanner - EinScan-Pro+. It accelerates the scan speed by 30% when used in Handheld HD Scan Mode; capture more details with high accuracy in the scanned objects. Incorporates the latest technology, HD prime pack enables markers-free alignment for capturing high accuracy and resolution data. It’s ideal for Reverse Designing, Cultural Heritage Preservation, Archiving, Restoration, etc. 


Full product specs can be found at . These two new accessories will be available in Q2 2018. SHINING 3D will continue putting its best efforts on new product development to bring to users the most innovating products, at the most competitive prices, and always answering to the growing needs and requirements of our wide customer base.  



SHINING 3D was founded in 2004 and quickly became China’s first OTC stock company in the 3D digitizing and printing industry.  With business areas covering 3D scanning, 3D printing, 3D materials, 3D design and manufacturing service, and 3D network cloud platform, SHINING 3D is the industry leader in multiple aspects, including overall strength, sales volume, technology varieties, and service support capability. As the leading Chinese 3D printing company, SHINING 3D has won international influence with customers in more than 70 countries throughout Asia, the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East.


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