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EinScan-Pro V1.6.4 New Software Updated

Date:2016-06-28   Reading:2726


Some new functions and updates on EinScan-Pro V1.6.4

Functions added:

(1)Automatical update and download are supported
The software automatically checks whether there is a latest version when it is running, and if so, a notice of whether to download it or not will appear. After download, users will receive another notice whether to stop using and unload the former software. Click “Yes” and finish the installation. That is, you will get the update notice when V1.6.5 is released. The new software version won’t  remove the local ple files and calibration data.

(2)Data simplified function is realized.

(3)The size of data can be adjusted when it is saved.
It is more convenient for users to adjust the model size for 3D printing directly.

(4)Japanese version is added.

(5)The function of scanning data rotating with the angle of view is added under the fixed scan mode.



New restorations:

(1)Solve the data explosion appearing in HD scan mode during the overall optimization for thin workpieces scanning.

(2)Adding the “loading”prompt when jamming appears after clicking to begin the calibration.

(3)The problem of ple mismatch after clicking on home button is repaired.

(4)The unity of font

(5)Solve the interface adaption problem to the monitor resolution.


Download address:


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