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SHINING 3D Names 3D Printing Studios as a Distributor in Singapore and Southeast Asia Region

Date:2016-06-07   Reading:2512

June 7, 2016, SHINING 3D names 3D Printing Studios as a distributor in Singapore and Southeast Asia region for the EinScan series product. The cooperation with 3D Printing Studios announces the SHINING 3D’s formally entering into Southeast Asia Market.



"Other providers hide the technology away behind factory walls with only a website or phone linking its potential with the customer and what they need, 3D Printing Studios on the other hand is making it accessible to everyone. " 3D Printing Studios Co-founder and CEO Stuart Grover said.


3D Printing Studios has a seller/doer model which means all the owners are hands on 3D Printing enthusiasts. It stepped rapidly in the 3D printing industry since the establishment of 2007. In 2013 3D Printing Studios opened its first studio, Australia's 1st 3D Printing shop and the world’s 5th in George Street Sydney; it opened its first 3D Printing Hub in the Sydney CBD; and opened its first international studio in Singapore in 2015.


“From this year onwards, we are looking to expand to open up more 3D Printing Studios in neighboring countries across the Southeast Asia region so that more companies, prosumers and individuals interested to understand and experience different 3D printing technologies and equipment can get access to it via our studios.” 3D Printing Studios Managing Director for Asia Region Jason Joo added on.


Co-Founder and CEO Stuart Grover(Left), MD for Asia Region Jason Joo (Middle) and Co-Founder and Director Howard Wood(Right)


“By providing higher capability and lower cost solution to more users, we hope 3D technology can become an easy and affordable tool to everybody, not just professional and expensive equipments to special trained users.” said SHINING 3D CEO Mr. Li in an interview made by Cooperating with our partner 3D Printing Studios, we can provide more right solutions and services to end users with EinScan-S and EinScan-Pro, like what we are doing in our service bureau.


Visit the EinScan website for specifications for the EinScan-Pro Multi-functional Handheld 3D Scanner and EinScan-S Desktop 3D Scanner, or visit 3D Printing Studios’ website for more information on the EinScan 3D Scanners. From 1 June onwards, enjoy a 10% discount on EinScan products sold via 3D Printing Studios.


About 3D Printing Studios:

We are the leading one stop 3D printing studios and stores with regional operation in Singapore and Australia that offers a wide range of 3D related services with cutting edge 3D technologies including 3D design, 3D printing, 3D scanning, Rapid Prototyping, Reverse Engineering, 3D training and 3D desktop printer and consumable sales catering to different industries as well as consumers and prosumers.

Our motivation is to help our customers ‘Bring Their Ideas to Life’ by leveraging 3D technologies in their business and making it a part of their competitive advantage in their respective industries.

Whether you are a complete newcomer to 3D technologies or an expert CAD modeller, we can help. The experienced team at 3D Printing Studios consist of qualified and highly skilled 3D Industrial Designers, Product Designers, and Engineers. 3D Printing Studios has delivered many successful 3D printing projects and assignments of all sizes and complexity using the wide range of the latest 3D technologies.


About Shining3D:

SHINING 3D®, founded in 2004 and listed in “New OTC Market”(”New Over-the-counter Market“) on Aug. 8th, 2014 (stock:830978), is China’s first OTC stock in 3D digitizing and 3D printing industry, specializing in the establishment of the 3D digitizing and 3D printing technology ecosystem.


SHINING 3D® has more than 10 types of 3D scanning and 3D printing equipment, varies from consumer level products to industrial level products. In 3D scanner product line, we have EinScan-S for education market to help anybody scanning high quality 3D data for printing, EinScan-Pro for professional designer on Reverse Design application.


EinScan-S is oriented to provide high quality 3D data for thousands of desktop FDM printer users, who suffer from shortage of high quality 3D contents and difficulty on learning complicate 3D design software, and EinScan-S' data quality is evaluated as top in all desktop 3D scanners by many professionals and technology medias.


EinScan-Pro is an new concept of 3D scanning technology, a game changer, which combine handy scanning and industrial scanning together to provide full capability to professional 3D designer, it's also the first multi-functional 3D scanner in the world.

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