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Grand Opening: SHINING 3D New Headquarters at the Zhejiang 3D Industrial Zone

Date:2016-05-24   Reading:2561

May 25th, SHINING 3D (stock:830978), China’s first OTC stock offering in the 3D digitizing and printing industry, will hold an opening ceremony of their new headquarters in Hangzhou, China. Correspondingly, the local government has announced the launch of the Zhejiang 3D industrial Zone of which SHINING3D will be the first tenant.

SHINING3D’s new headquarters cover more than 25,000 square meters making it one of China’s largest 3D printing innovation centers, including R&D, manufacturing, sales, service, education, customer experience and interaction.



SHINING 3D New Headquarters



With the opening of their new headquarters Shining 3D officials also announce the formation of the SHINING 3D Printing Ecosystem.



SHINING 3D Printing Ecosystem has five distinct elements including “Internet+, 3D printing equipment, material, data and service”. These five elements illustrate the 3D digitization and 3D printing technology of SHINING 3D from online to offline.




Internet+ is SHINING 3D’s online development strategy. SHINING 3D developers have built two 3D cloud platforms. One is a High quality 3D model platform and the other is a 3D printing service platform, These two websites connect 3D printing equipment and materials, 3D printing services and 3D innovations together in a single ecosystem, allowing collaboration with users all over the world.

3D Scanning and Printing Equipment:
SHINING 3D has more than 10 types of 3D scanning and printing equipment which range from the consumer to the industrial level. Among them, the latest handheld 3D scanner, EinScan-Pro designed for professional designers, has won great popularity in more than 40 countries but especially in Japan, Australia and America.
SHINING 3D places great importance on R&D, with more than 230 research and development engineers working to improve their innovative 3D technology.

Shining 3D’s Printing Ecosystem boasts a rich diversity of materials including PLA Filaments, SLA Resin and even bio-materials.
Data gives users free access to thousands of high quality 3D printable models from all over the world. To ensure continuous online and offline collaboration, the website hosts 3D educational content including creative 3D classes and competitions.


SHINING 3D is not only a manufacturer, but also provides application services. Since there is no automated technology available to solve all 3D issues, SHINING 3D has combined various 3D technologies together to help customers with their unique applications. Up to now, SHINING 3D has built more than ten 3D print centers across the country. And SHINING 3D plans to build a further 50 to 100 offline 3D print service centers in the following 3 to 5 years all connected through its online 3D printing platform ( ). This offline and online 3D printing network shall benefit product and service applications in various industries such as automobile, mechanical, appliances, smart intelligence, mold, medical and more.



It is a known fact that Alibaba has created a miracle in Hangzhou, and its huge e-business system has entirely changed Chinese shopping and life style. Recently, Hangzhou won another label as “the most influential 3D printing innovation center in China”.


“In terms of the global 3D printing industry, the competitive landscape is still evolving. So who will become the real 3D printing giant in the future? It’s an open and exciting market.” Luo Jun, secretary general of China’s 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance says.


SHINING 3D aims to become China’s leading 3D enterprise by delivering OPEN yet completely integrated 3D hardware and software solutions for this exciting new market.



SHINING 3D CEO Mr. Li Tao, introducing the Exhibition Room



To celebrate the grand opening of their 25,000 square meters’ new headquarters, SHINING 3D invites over 500 experts and insiders to have a deep discussion on 3D printing development. Here is a sneak preview of the SHINING 3D exhibition room as first shown to the public.



SHINING3D New Headquarter Grand Opening Ceremony:
Date: May 25th, 2016
Address: No. 1398, Xiangbin Road, Wenyan, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China


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