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SHINING 3D at Rapid 2016: The Future of Additive Manufacturing is Now

Date:2016-05-20   Reading:1856

May 17-19, SHINING 3D shows our 3D digitization and 3D printing technology with our EinScan Series 3D Scanners and EinStart Series 3D Printers at Rapid 2016. According to the SHINING 3D members who attend this big exhibition, some interesting and beautiful moments are worthy to share with you.


Rapid Puzzle Challenge


Rapid Puzzle Challenge is a mini-game set up by Rapid organizer during the exhibition. Companies on the puture above print one part of the toy plane and attendees are invited to put them together. It’s also a good way to introduce the additive manufacturing technologies and materials to the public. As one of the invited 3D companies, we did have a good time to spread the 3D printing technology.


Enthusiastic Visits


The first impression on Rapid is the enthusiastic visits


EinScan-Pro Multifunctional Handheld 3D Scanner gets great welcome here


Attendees experience the face scan function


Testimonials--EinScan-S on Education

Undergraduate Jackle, who bought the EinScan-S for school research, told us his story and strongly recommended the desktop 3D scanner:



We will consistently develop and manufacture OPEN system on both hardware and software, which will be compatible to other hardwares, softwares, materials, and special application requests.We also insist on cooperating with other companies in this industry, providing the right solution and service to end user, like what we are doing in our service bureau. A lot of technology companies has joined this industry, that's a good sign. Indeed, it’s an era for additive manufacturing.


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