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Pre-order for EinStart-L opens at 2016 International CES

Date:2016-01-06   Reading:1496




Jan. 6, Shining 3D releases the EinStart-L desktop 3D printer at CES2016 and opens its preorder  to public. 


EinStart-L is the first 3D printer that passes the international UL certificate in China. The lastest update adds the special function of multi-color print with single extruder. EinStart-L offers fully enclosed and larger chassis print platform, satisfying the 3D printing needs for most people. Besides, it has the advantages of high accurate 3D printing effect, easy operating touch screen, unique design of appearance and online database, greatly increasing the pleasant feeling for users.


EinStart-L is priced at $1599 for pre-order and the delivery time is at the end of May, 2016. Customers are welcomed to visit the booth( 72123) of Shining 3D at 2016 international CES and experience the process of 3D printing by EinStart-L.


EinStart-L 3D Pinter

  • Large bulid volume (310*220*200mm)
  • Multi-color print with single extruder
  • Air filtration
  • Full color touch screen
  • Internal monitoring device
  • Cloud-based printing




Online database( for free download



Printed by EinStart-L


Shining 3D Team


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