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Game changer EinScan-Pro handheld 3D scanner, Amazing 3D scanner pre-order opens!

Date:2016-01-06   Reading:2871

Shining 3D EinScan-Pro handheld 3D scanner meets great favor at CES2016. One of the visitors, Craig Walker, is an expert in 3D printing, computer hardware and some other areas. He got familiar with EinScan-Pro and experienced the process from 3D scanning to 3D printing in short time period at the Shining 3D booth!


Craig is the owner of Coho Computer,LLC, a full service Computer Service Center,and what seems amazing is that he is also the host of talk show “Tech Talk with Craig” on AM1150 KKNW on Saturdays from Noon – 1:00 in Seattle, America. He discussed 3D technolgy with Shining 3D in excitement and asked to 3D scan and print a figure of himself.


 Einscan Pro handheld rapid scan mode efficiently scan human face and body at right accuracy


Interview by BBS UK


The whole process of EinScan-Pro 3D scanning, adjusting the scaling and transforming into printable model is within 10 minutes!!


 Craig got his gift 3D printed by Shining 3D EinStart-L


Full color scan
External texture camera can be attached to EinScan-Pro, capable of capturing the full-color 3D data of the object.



Good news is that Shining 3D EinScan-Pro preorder is available now. EinScan Online Store ( is open for EinScan-Pro. It is also welcomed that you visit Shining 3D booth (72123) at CES2016 in LVCC, Las Vegas to get a preorder. The preorder will last to March 31, 2016.


Delivery time:

At the end of April, 2016



Everyone who goes to visit the Shining 3D booth(72123) at CES2016 would get an EinScan-Pro promotion card that is worth $200! 


EinScan Online Store:!shop/cwcm


Shining 3D Team
Instagram: shining3d

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