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SHINING3D Announces the world's first multi-functional Handheld 3D Scanner EinScan-Pro at CES2016

Date:2016-01-06   Reading:5264


January 6, 2016, SHINING3D attends CES2016 in Las Vegas and announces the world's first multi-functional handheld 3D Scanner, EinScan-Pro.


EinScan-Pro= industrial 3D scanner+ handheld 3D scanner+ full color 3D scanner
More than the desktop 3D Scanner EinScan S which SHINING3D released in CES 2015, the EinScan-Pro is a combination of handheld 3D scanner and industrial 3D Scanner. Einscan Pro is positioned to provide full 3D scaning capability to every 3D designer and engineer at affordable consumer-grade cost.


Einscan Pro is powered by Four  scanning modes. 

  • For engineers who want to use scanner for reverse design purpose, Einscan Pro can scan high accuracy and high quality data at much faster speed, the accuracy is guaranteed at 50 microns. Same as Einscan S, it provide Automatic Scan mode for small parts and Free Scan mode for big parts.
  • For artists and designers who want to scan artworks like sculpture and statue, Einscan Pro can work as a handheld 3D Scanner, which provide user much high portability during the scanning. The handheld HD Scan mode can capture every detail of the art piece.
  • For medical or customization applications, Einscan Pro can work under handheld fast scan mode, which can efficiently scan human face and body at right accuracy.

Eincan Pro can also work at full color mode by equipping an additional color camera, which can create high quality 3D model for color 3D printing directly.





Four Scan Modes


  • Handheld rapid scan: 
  • With a high scan speed at 10 frames/s, EinScan-Pro fit to rapid scan the large-sized workpiece, human body and sculptures.  


3d portrait scanned by #EinScan-Pro Handheld Rapid Scan by EinScan on Sketchfab 


  •  Handheld HD scan: 
  • Fit to capture the details of the scanned objects, especially for the workpieces, sculptures and carving works with rich details.

Venus sculpture by #EinScan-Pro Handheld HD Scan  by EinScan on Sketchfab


  • Auto scan: 
  • Matched with full-automatic table, the 360 degree scan spends only one and a half minutes. Fit for the scan of small workpieces, parts and anime garage kits at 50 microns accuracy.


Parts by #EinScan-Pro by EinScan Auto Scan on Sketchfab


  • Free scan: 
  • Fix the scan head to the tripod to realize the free scan. Various types of data alignment are compatible.


Tao's sculpture by #EinScan-Pro by EinScan on Sketchfab



Product Features
EinScan-Pro satisfies the needs for portable scan and high-accuracy scan. EinScan-Pro offers four scan modes: Handheld rapid scan, Handheld HD scan, Auto scan, and Free scan.

EinScan-Pro can be used to scan the industrial parts, sculptures, carving parts, human face, etc.

There are three alternative EinScan-Pro versions: basic version, color pack and industrial pack. Users may decide whether to configure the full-color scan camera and software and industrial pack for higher accuracy scan function or not.

High compatibility:
Data output can be used for printing as well as designing directly. Data format: stl, obj, asc.

Cost-effective Choice:
Professional 3D scanner with high data quality and entry-level price. EinScan-Pro can be one representative of full capacity in the 3D scanning industry.





Address:Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center (LVCC), Las Vegas, NV
Booth No.:72123


Shining 3D Team


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