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ZJSTV Visits Shining 3D for the Coming World Internet Conference

Date:2015-12-14   Reading:1536

Last week, ZJSTV (ZHEJIANG SATELLITE TV) had a visit to Shining 3D for the coming World Internet Conference. As one of the attendees, Shining 3D shows ZJSTV team the 3D technology including 3D scanning, 3D printing as well as 3D laser engraving.



Some of the 3D printing works by Shining 3D. ZJSTV expresses their surprise to the large quantity of printing models.




Journalist Liu Huining hopes to copy one portrait of her idol Kobe by using the 3D technology.


Cartoon character Kobe on the turntable, waiting to be scanned



Scanning in process. EinScan-S 3D Scanner is a desktop 3D scanner that has caught many people's eyes around the world.



Laser engraving in process. The Spark II 3D crystal laser engraving machine is shown this time. Shining 3D has been in this 3D crystal laser engraving business for more than 10 years.



The engraved crystal finished The whole process is within 10 mins.




In the program, ZJSTV gives a comment that high and new tech enterprises, like Shining 3D, are not only advanced but close to common people.


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