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Shining 3D Brings 3D Scanning and Printing to School Classroom

Date:2015-11-26   Reading:1814

Why bring 3D scanner and 3D printer to education?
Many schools like Hangzhou Xingzhi Middle School focus on the cultivation of students’ design philosophy, stress the importance of the role of students and realize their design ideal as much as possible. It is evident that 3D scanning and 3D printing play a more important part in the education area nowadays. Introducing 3D modeling and 3D printing theory, sufficiently applying the concept of “addition and subtraction art” in the 3D design, provide students of different thinking modes with different course demand.


3D scanning and 3D printing in the classroom
November, the 3D creative curriculum was carried out successfully by Shining 3D during international exchanges between Singapore Kranji Secondary School and Hangzhou Xingzhi Middle School.





The experienced curriculum is composed of three parts and mainly opens to the students in 3D technology club from Xingzhi Middle School: texture 3D scanning that shows the physical characteristics of real objects, 3D software modeling that realizes the model design developed from nothing, as well as 3D printing that shows the model design directly.


Texture 3D scanning
Teachers from Shining 3D introduced the notion of digital model to students first. Through scanning to the object (banana) by EinScan-S 3D Scanner, the digital model was obtained. Everyone on the scene was quite interested in reversal design and exclaimed “banana” when the full color banana scanning model turned up.



3D software modeling
Another experience is modeling--Rhino software modeling. A simple and small plate model was chosen to be the learning subject, for it was the first time the students learned about the software.




3D printing
Teachers were introducing the 3D printing theory to students and explained with specific examples so that students could learn the process of 3D printing through watching the running machine.




After that, students added their name to the model they made and 3D printed with the help of Shining 3D teachers. “It’s amazing to own a ‘name brand plate’ designed by ourselves!” They said.



Give students opportunity to develop creativity
3D technology club in Xingzhi Middle School combines IT with science, art, etc and seeks for more interaction among different areas. For example, the cooperation between 3D technology club and pottery club makes the pottery works not only have the art taste but also have the 3D spetial ideal of thought. That’s how students be inspired towards creation.


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