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EinScan-S Scan Sharing Act

Date:2015-11-09   Reading:1482


Shining 3D announces an EinScan-S Scan Sharing Act to promote communication among EinScan-S fans and increase interaction with customers. Everyone who gets an EinScan-S could participate in this activity and show their own stories on einscan web:
Ways to join in( tag us with #EinScan): 
  • Pictures: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Videos: Youtube
  • 3D Models: 3Dker, Pinshape, Sketchfab, Thingiverse 
  • Links:  EinScan-S activity page
  • Or submit all these through the activity page:
Rewards for case submitting:
  • Weekly award: personalized laser engraving crystal
  • Quarterly award: EinScan-S 3D Scanner
  • Final award: $1500 coupon of Shining3D EinScan-Pro
Evaluation methods:
  • Weekly award: Likes from viewers
  • Quarterly award: Evaluated by Shining 3D
  • Final award: Expert judgment
Lasting time: Nov.9,2015--Jan.31,2016
Dear customers, if you also have a passion to EinScan-S, share your stories with us!





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