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Intel and Shining 3D Create High Tide in 2015 Hangzhou Computing Conference

Date:2015-10-23   Reading:1804

2015 Hangzhou Computing Conference (previously known as Aliyun Worldwide Developer Conference) was held in Yunqi Cloud Town, Hangzhou, China on October 14th and 15th, 2015, focusing on Internet, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Over 3,000 cloud enterprises and 15,000 participants join in. Intel and Shining 3D cooperate again this time and win large popularity throughout the two days’ exhibition.



Shining 3D continues the forms of cooperating with Intel in CES2015: free to scan human body+ free 3D crystal engraving experience. Intel scans the human upper body in 360 ° by using the tablet PC fitted with RealSense scanning software and then Shininig 3D made the portrait engraving crystal with Shining 3D laser engraving machine Argus Pro.


The long queue


Scanning for a woman


Shining 3D Engraving Machine


It is worth mentioning that Shining 3D and RealSense team from Intel would attend the Pax Australia in Melbourne together, showing you another engraving visual feast.

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