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2015 Shining3D Fashion Show Design Contest Winners Announced

Date:2015-06-18   Reading:2693

Grand Prize Goes to 3D Printed Dress : Fallen Angel by Piece. Piece is a small team of people who loves 3D Art Piece from Korea. The members are including  JOO YUNSIK, LEE SOYEON and LEE HYUNSU. They make creative 3D art works with a passion. They made nine dresses by 3D printing. They just started Piece 3D printing fashion studio for collaborating with creative designers. They are working on the new challenge.

Grand Prize consists of:
¥20,000 (translating to a little more than $3225 USD)
Einscan-S desktop 3D Scanner from Shining3D
Work shown at the 3D printing Fashion Show

1st Prize Goes to 3D printed facial makeup by Wu Yonghe. Yong-he Wu graduated from the department of sculpture in the Institute of Arts and Crafts in Xiamen in 2009 and founded Taishiyike after graduation, which is the first team in Fujian province dedicated to the art design combined with the 3D printing technology. The samples of art crafts the team design and manufacture achieve a widespread high praise. They has won more than 9 awards.

1st Prize consists of:
Einscan-S desktop 3D Scanner from Shining3D
Work shown at the 3D printing Fashion Show

2nd Prizes go to Hex Chain Dress by Min-Chieh Chen and Mahuika By Han-Yin Hsu.
Designer Min-Chieh Chen is a researcher of Architecture at Tamkang University(MA) and architect at ETHZ (MAS), is also the co-funder of LUNG LUNG DESIGN CO., LTD.
He works and researches about digital fabrication, parametric material design and simulation of design process in architectural field since 2003. 
Now his focus are hunting the possibilities to combine physical computing and programming in computer aided architectural design.

Han-Yin Hsu founded ANNXANNXDESIGN in 2013 in Los Angeles, California. We like to think of the body as a landscape for jewelry. Our designs are focused on expressing the elegance of this landscape, and exploring the gesture of each element as it rests on the skin.

2nd Prize consists of:
Einstart-S desktop 3D printer from Shining3D
Work shown at the 3D printing Fashion Show

3rd Prizes go to Moving Fish by Jiang Hao, 3D Printed Dress by Sabina Sagadiyeva, and Art Nouveau Shoe by Benjamin Cann

Hao Jiang, an architect, independent designer and photographer, founder of the independent design brand -- Yirifan ; He has been studying at Shanghai Jiao Tong university and the famous Southern California School of Architecture (SCI - arc) and has got a master's degree in architecture. His design works were collected by the department of architecture in Shanghai Jiao Tong University , were exhibited in Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Sciarc Gallery and also were pubished in the Suckerpunch, Architect, Archello media both at home and abroad.

Sabina Sagadiyeva graduated FIT with BA in Fashion Design, Special Occasion. She also studied in Milan, Italy through FIT at Politecnico di Milano. Her work is influenced by designers Oscar De La Renta, Carolina Herrera and Vera Wang all of whom she had the opportunity to work for.

Benjamin Cann is the founder and director of Eugenio. The company deals with 3D Engineering and Design Solutions, starting in September 2014.
Eugenio aims to undertake and develop projects bordering between Engineering, Design and Art.


3rd Prizes consist of:
Einstart-S desktop 3D printer from Shining3D
Work shown at the 3D printing Fashion Show

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