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THE PERFACT MATCH AT CES ----- SHINING 3D Laser  Engraving Machine & INTEL RealSense3D

Date:2015-01-22   Reading:3255

At CES show From JAN 6th to 9th 2015 in Las Vegas, INTEL showed their 3D scanning technology with SHINING 3D laser engraving technology as a 3d photo studio demo. By using PC equipment allocated Intel processor, users can scan the human portrait and body with 360 degree .. After some processing work to the 3D data, they engrave the 3D model inside the crystal by SHINING3D laser engraving machine. Then you can see your own 3D portrait engraved in the crystal. )


As leading company for high technology, Intel’s RealSense 3D scanning software cooperated well with SHINING3D laser engraving machine. This special 3d photo studio and 3D laser engraving souvenir makes people get much closer to 3D printing technology. Even though it only took 5~6 minutes to finish 3d scanning and printing of one person, people had to wait in line and spent 3-4 hours to have their own 3D image engraving inside the crystal. Everyone felt it was very worthy waiting for it.

The long line for crystal engraving souvenirs

3D laser engraving(the fastest 3d printing technology on the earth. It takes about 3 minutes to finish one 3d portrait crystal)

The finished 3d photo

Scott Dwyer & Jonathan Moisan from INTEL. spoke highly of SHINING3D Argus Series 3D Laser Engraving Machine, said, "We had a fantastic CES and the etcher was a big success. Thanks to SHINING 3D."

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