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Shining3D Backed Up Southeast University’s Power Monster Formula Team to Secure Champion for Fuel Combustion Efficiency

Date:2014-11-12   Reading:1975

       Nanjing, October 18, 2014. -  FormulaSAE of China 2014 finished successfully with all dynamic and static matches. Shining 3D backed up Southeast University’s Power Monster Formula Team to Rank No. 1 for Fuel Combustion Efficiency.

        Shining 3D brought 3D printing technology to Southeast University’s Power Monster Formula Team, helping them with the 3D printing of engine intake manifold, steering wheel knob, etc. It is wellknown that engine intake efficiency is directly related to fule consumption, therefore the design and manufacture of intake manifold is very important. This champion for Power Monster Team is actually a ground-breaking breakthrough on an international level due to its excellent lowest fuel combustion at 1.26 litres, while the lowest at the FSAE of Germany was 1.7 litres. Shining 3D’s intake manifold design got credit for this high efficiency of fuel combustion.

(Direct 3D printing for intake manifold, SLS nylon powder sintering technology, high tensity and high temperature resistance)


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