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Shining3D Bundles with Rapidform Software to Provide World Class 3D Scanning Solutions

Date:2011-11-07   Reading:1955

 Seoul, South Korea – July 11, 2011,  INUS Technology, Inc. (, world leader in 3D scanning software, today announced that it has entered into an exclusive OEM agreement with Shining3D, China’s leading 3D scanner manufacturer. Shining3D now offers reverse engineering (Rapidform XOR) and inspection (Rapidform XOV) software with its lineup of Shining3D Scanners under the brand name Shiningform XOR and Shiningform XOV. 

“We selected Rapidform after extensive benchmarking of 3D scanning software,” said Li Tao, CEO of Shining3D. “In our tests, XOR was the fastest way to convert Shining3D scans into CAD models, and XOV was by far the fastest way to compare scans with CAD models. With Rapidform’s strong reputation in the marketplace, it was an easy decision to partner with INUS Technology.”

Calvin Hur, CEO of INUS Technology, added “We’re very pleased to work with Shining3D in the Chinese market and beyond. Shining3D scanners combined with Rapidform present customers with an excellent solution for professional-level reverse engineering and inspection.”

Rapidform’s XOR software enables manufacturers to scan an object with a Shining3D scanner and quickly create a parametric CAD model of the physical object.  It is the only software to combine the power of 3D scan data processing with CAD solid modeling in one application, which makes it the fastest path to CAD. 

With a Shining3D scanner and XOV, manufacturers can scan parts to verify their accuracy back to a CAD model automatically.  It is the fastest way to compare a real-world part to its original CAD design to verify manufacturing accuracy.

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About INUS Technology Inc.
INUS Technology helps companies unlock the power of 3D scanning. The company's software solutions are the most widely installed products for reverse engineering, 3D imaging and inspection using 3D scan data around the globe. Rapidform makes 3D scanning an extremely powerful tool for a variety of applications and is used in fields such as manufacturing, R&D, quality inspection, medical research and civil engineering. Leading companies including Audi, Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, Rolls Royce, Volkswagen, Hitachi, Panasonic, Oakley, Samsung, Sony, Alcoa, and Benteler use Rapidform's advanced technology to innovate throughout their research, design, manufacturing and quality control processes. For more information, please visit 

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