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Shining3D-Hangzhou primarily supported Cultural and Creative enterprise(group)

Date:2012-11-07   Reading:1815

 Shining3D has been selected into the directory of Hangzhou Primary Cultivated Cultural and Creative Enterprises (Group), became the focus of Hangzhou primarily supported cultural and Creative enterprises(group).

Cultural and creative industries are based on innovation, taking culture as ideological spirit, supported by science and technology. It becomes an more and more important engine of social development.

Shining3D scanner is developed independently by Shining3D, equiped with 3D digitizing technology, it can get accurate and full-scale data model from scanning an object. It has been widely used in the application of antique preservation, management, maintenace, artificial exhibition, derivative development, appearance restoration, 3D animation, vedio production, archaeologlcal site protection, archaeological excavation and so on.

Shining3D owns the completely intellectual right of 3D Imaging Technology. Cooperating with 3D camera and 3D laser, we can engrave images, memorable object with notion of culture inside the crystal (materials suitable for laser, such as glass, acrylic, etc). They can be preserved forever, worthing appriciating, unique and memorable.

It's well known that culture is the critical source of human's unity and creativity. Moreover, creativity is the important guarantee of development for companies and society, to which we always emphasize the support and pushment of culture and creativity. So this big honor confirms the effort and performance of Shining3D on these facets.

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