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New Logo of SHINING3D Statement

Date:2010-10-03   Reading:1109

 To conclude the enterprise culture and spirits, convey the enterprise vision precisely, SHINING3D decide to enable the new Logo. New logo is starting in application from1st Oct, 2010. SHINING3D reserve the copyright of old logo and all the rights of business activities relating to the old logo.


The New Logo




The Old Logo

This new Logo is aiming to build an international image of SHINING3D, based on SHINING3D’s culture and spirits, not only an extension of SHINING3D culture, but also the inheritance of SHINING3D spirits. SHINING3D will continuously create value for our customers and the society with our new image and technical creation.

The meaning of New Logo:

SHINING3D focus on precise 3D Digitizing Technology, which capture the real 3D digital model of the objects through light. The logo is a stereoscopic shining “Diamond” composed with triangle faces regularly, which is exactly the vision of “SHINING 3D”. The combination way of these triangle faces are similar to the present method of our 3D digitizing technology. The outer circle are made of two semi-circle in light grey and dark grey, symbolizing the flow of light.

Diamond is the most hard and pure gem, its value and shining vision comes from precise and strictly cutting and polishing. The new logo symbolizes that SHINING3D’s serious working attitudes and innovative spirits, launching the light of wisdom, aiming at creating high-end value for our customers and the society with our shining3D technology. The outer circle consisting of 2 semi- circle shows the perfection comes from cooperation.

Shining 3D Tech Co., Ltd

1st , Oct , 2010

Tote: The Corporate Identity System is presented as a whole package, so the new version of LOGO and images are including but not limited to the statement. For our improved corporate identity, its supporting images and color, we reserve the final rights of interpretation.

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