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Shining 3D Product Renaming Statement

Date:2011-12-18   Reading:1669

 As Shining 3D Tech develops, there are more and more products developed and promoted. In order to help customers identify these products more clearly, Shining 3D Tech have recently modified the model names of 3D scanner and 3D laser engraving machine. The following is the statement:

Product Former Model Name New Model Name
Classic Binocular 3D Scanner XL3DS-L OpticScan-Classic-DL
XL3DS-M OpticScan-Classic-DM
XL3DS-S OpticScan-Classic-DS
Four-lens 3D Scanner XL3DS-VL OpticScan-plus-QL
XL3DS-VM OpticScan-plus-QM
Large-size Engraving Machine XL3DL-GLASS-MAX GlassMax

*If you have any question about the above statement, please call us on 86-571-82999050.

                                                                                                             Shining 3D Tech
                                                                                                                 CEO Tao Li

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