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Shining 3D Released Two New 3D Scanners

Date:2012-06-15   Reading:1738

 On Jan 13, 2012, Shining 3D released two brand-new models of 3D scanners, OptimScan and DentalScan.

Shining 3D Tech has made great progress on 3D digitizing products during 2011. A series of new products have been introduced into the market successively, like EaScan for wood carving area, four-lens OpticScan for 3D scanning and measuring, and desktop Spark II and Argus I for high speed laser engraving.
These products have all been developed to the advantage of customers, focusing on easy operation and professional needs. After the issue of these products, they have been well received among our customers in the worldwide market, especially in the originality, applicability and stability, etc.

These two newly released 3D scanners also inherit the above characters, developed specially to meet the ever increasing market demand.

As the third generation of SHINING3D high resolution white light 3D scanner, Optimscan has been highly updated on outlook, structure, efficiency and function. OptimScan boasts of the key features as follows:
1. Higher Performance

  • • Adopt the higher graded components from Germany, which enables the scanner to obtain more data details and to achieve higher precision and better scanning quality;
  • • SHININGFORM XOR or XOV included, which has rich functions in reverse engineering and 3D quality inspection. By controlling 3D scanning directly with Shiningform, users can easily achieve an integrated process from data scanning to reverse engineering or 3D inspection, which greatly improves the work efficiency;

2. User-friendly design

  • • Aluminum alloy frame and carbon fiber material, which ensures better outlook and higher stability;
  • • Portable handle makes it easy to operate;

At the 2011 EUROMOLD, OptimScan won much praise for its design and good performance.

Dentistry has come to the turning point from hand-made gypsum models to CAD/CAM ones in recent years. Shining3D's DentalScan is a new equipment for denture restoration, designed and developed with rich expertise from the dentistry. It features high accuracy, high efficiency and full automation in gypsum model scanning and measuring. Combined with the latest software SHINING3D-DentalCAD, users can complete the whole workflow from scanning to CAD designing. DentalScan can be applied to dental implant, dental prosthetics, orthodontics and others in dentistry. In addition, DentalScan can also be adopted in the scanning and measuring of delicate objects like jewelry.

Shining 3D is releasing more new products in 2012, please pay attention to our company news. 

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