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Shining 3D European Tour in Autumn

Date:2012-10-09   Reading:1436

 By International Business Department

Shining3D European tour

In autumn, the weather in Europe is nice and cool. We were first impressed with two things when we reached there, one was the nice weather; the other was the architecture style , especially the churches building. Unfortunately we were unable to appreciate them in details. The purpose of our trip was going to bring the Shining3D Scanner to European clients, let them experience Shining3D products , meanwhile, enhance the efficiency of product design and test we bring for them.

The tour lasted for 18 days, covered 7 countries and 10 cities. Let’s recall it in detail.
1st Stop: Turkey     Sep.19th-Sep.20th
2nd Stop: Denmark    Sep.21st-Sep.24nd
3rd Stop: Sweden     Sep.24rd-Sep.25th
4th Stop: Netherland Sep.26rd-Sep.27th
5th Stop: France     Sep.28rd-Sep.29th
6th Stop: Poland     Sep.30th-Oct.1st
7th Stop:Italy      Oct.2nd-Oct.6

First we visited our good partner in Turkey, located in Asian area of Istanbul. The firm’s business includes mould, rapid prototyping and auto parts.

Shining3D European tour-3D SCAN DEMO

We demonstrated the whole scan process in their studio to show the updated performance for Shining3D-Scanner. The customer felt satisfied with the hardware appearance and software performance; also they gave us some fine suggestions which is very useful.

Shining3D European tour-3D SCAN DEMO

The customers said they wish further cooperation, and expected the newly developed products and new appearance.

One of our clients in Denmark has his own separate studio.The firm specializes in designing products for both companies and persons, offering Reverse Engineer service of child car seat, screw, chair etc. They are very familiar with ATOS, FARO and other popular scanners on the present market.

Shining3D European tour-3D SCAN DEMO
They gave Shining3D-Scanner some sophisticated work-pieces to scan, usually it is difficult to get data.
Shining3D European tour-3D SCAN DEMO
Shining3D European tour-3D SCAN DEMO
when we showed the scan process and scan data, they admitted the work of Shining3D-Scanner finally.

An agent of 3D Printer machine showed great interest in our Shining3D-Scanner. Their business didn’t involve with white light scanner before, but the CEO value the potential market. He liked our 3D scanner and hoped to be our authorized agent in the long run.

Moreover, we offered scan demo and particular introduction according to their needs

Shining3D European tour-3D SCAN DEMO
Shining3D European tour-3D SCAN DEMO

Full and compact, the European Tour finished successfully. It brought great benefit to clients as well as to Shining 3D. We have much confidence in the future market. We will carry our Shining3D-Scanner and other products worldwide and achieve deep cooperation with all clients. 

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