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The Largest 3D Printing Center in China Opened in Nanjing City

Date:2013-12-15   Reading:1927

 Nanjing, China. December 13, 2013. ( SHINING 3D opened the largest 3D Printing Innovation Centre in Nanjing. This is the largest 3D printing center in China so far, which covers the latest 3D printing technology and widest applications in industries of Manufacturing, Biomedical, Culture and Creative,etc.  


The 3D Printing Innovation Centre overwhelmed by all kinds of 3D printing exhibits. Besides, the center is equipped with a full range of 3D printing equipment. From SLS nylon powder sintering system, color 3D Printer, resin 3D Printer, SLA equipment, to transparent material(crystal or glass) 3D Laser Printers, Chocolate 3D Printer, as well as the world's most advanced bio 3D Printers.
In addition, it also equipped with all series of Shining3D-scanner/digitizers which be appropriate for different request in 3D scanning. It is a powerful, integrated scanner and software systems for professional Scan-Based Design and quality inspection. 

3D Printing Innovation Centre is built by the strong support at all levels of government Nanjing. It will rely on Nanjing’s rich cultural heritage, abundant human resources, and leading industrial advantage, combined the largest technology research and development, application services, entrepreneurial innovation together, and builds it into a comprehensive platform. 
More pics about our Nanjing 3D Printing Innovation Centre, plz visit our facebook page : . 

About Shining 3D
Shining 3D is a high-tech enterprise with China National Torch Plan, professional in providing integrated solutions for 3D digitizing technology. Shining 3D focuses on the 3D digitizing and 3D printing technology, from high precision 3D digitizing (3D scanning), 3D modeling and inspection (reverse design, 3D inspection) to 3D Printing and rapid manufacturing (3D data output).
The company's 3D digitizing integrated solutions have been successfully applied in many industries such as automobile manufacturing, mold manufacturing, electronics, consumer goods, dental, orthopedic, ancient artifacts, sculpture, architecture, energy, research, education, featuring lower product development and manufacturing cost, shorter lead time, better product and service quality. 

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