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SHINING3D Presents: The Upgraded AutoScan Dental 3D Scanner

Date:2013-11-07   Reading:1515

 SHINING3D is proud to introduce the upgraded AutoScan-DS 3D scanner, as designed for scanning and measuring of dental gypsum model and impression for manufacturers that need to guarantee the quality of their products within the high speed and good use experience.
The AutoScan-DS 3D scanner is accurate and fast scanning tools featuring the white light scanning technology that will help people achieve high accuracy dental model data for dental CAD & CAM, even when working with complex dental models, and within ever shorter scan cycles.


Benefits of the upgraded AutoScan Dental 3D Scanner

  • Single scanning time less than 1.5 seconds
  • Single range calculate time less than 0.5 second
  • Single die scan time less than 30 seconds
  • Singe bite case scan less than 7 minute

Highly accurate

  • Capture highly accurate data
  • Enhance the deep hole scanning capability (impression)


  • Impression scan is available
  • Scan task are in process management, simple to operate


  • Provide with SHINING3D DentalScan software, which is Compatible with the EXOCAD software, the crown, pontic, inlay, onlay, veneer design can be integrated with each other.


  • The original three USB cable of AutoScan are integrated into one, make the set up process much easier.
  • Eliminate the VGA line and skip to set the screen extending. The VGA cable is removed. Even more, the screen extending setting of PC is no longer needed.
  • User-friendliness data management: the preservation of the data is fully saved to the specified folder by default in doctor's name, to facilitate the management of dental lab.
  • Improved manufacture material of the equipment

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