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Rapidform XOR3 SP1 Creates Native CAD Models for Autodesk Inventor

Date:2012-11-07   Reading:1665

 Seoul, South Korea, 2012 - INUS Technology, Inc. (, is excited to announce that the latest release of Rapidform XOR3 SP1 is directly compatible with Autodesk Inventor CAD software. Rapidform was the first 3D scanning software to feature direct interfaces to CAD, enabling users to scan any object, generate parametric, feature-based models in Rapidform, and then transfer the complete model to their CAD software. These models include a complete history tree, which can then be transferred into Inventor as a native model.  Rapidform XOR also has a direct interface for AutoCAD and supports other Autodesk software via industry standard file formats.


With the release of Rapidform XOR3 SP1, users can open reverse engineered models as native geometry in Inventor 2010 - 2013 and AutoCAD 2007 – 2011. To be certified, the product must meet certain guidelines and demonstrate a high level of quality as well as compatibility with Autodesk Inventor. Certification is given only after the product has been tested and approved.“Rapidform XOR enables Autodesk Inventor software users to import parametric CAD models directly, speeding up productivity,” says  Autodesk executive. “Rapidform’s support in the Autodesk Certified Application Program demonstrates the company’s commitment to a higher level of integration between our two industry leading products.”

Rapidform XOR’s unique CAD interoperability technology for direct 3D scan-to-CAD compatibility is named LiveTransfer. With LiveTransfer technology, Rapidform XOR communicates directly with compatible CAD products to transfer the model step-by-step with a complete feature tree intact, resulting in a native CAD model that is fully editable. LiveTransfer interfaces are included at no cost in every license of Rapidform XOR3 SP1 being released in spring 2012.

Cleber Bombem of RGB Services in Sao Paulo, Brazil, remarked that "We were very happy with this great news!  Many people in Brazil use Inventor, and certainly this new version of Rapidform XOR will be very useful for anyone who wants to 3D scan and create parametric Inventor models!"

Rapidform is the only software that combines 3D scan data processing with sketching and solid modeling capabilities, not just surface extraction. This makes it easy to create high quality, ready to manufacture real CAD models, not just “CAD-ready” surfaces. Indeed, Rapidform XOR is the fastest path from 3D scans to CAD.  For more information about Inventor LiveTransfer and other new features coming in Rapidform XOR3 SP1, visit
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