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1. Sub-surface laser engraving control software 3Dcraft

Sub-surface laser engraving control software is used for Shining3D Laser Engraving series of machines to control the engraving process and result. It’s unique engraving technology ensures that customers can produce exquisite and delicate subsurface engraved gifts through easy operation.

2. Sub-surface laser engraving crystal design software 3DCrystal

Sub-surface laser engraving crystal design software can convert 3D model data or 2D photo data into cloudpoint data or .dxf format, which is importable for laser subsurface engraving

3.3D model building software 3DVision

3D model building software software features: powerful functions and user-friendly interface. Photos from Shining3D-Camera can be imported into this software for 180 degrees of 3D model building and cloudpoint data conversion. Modifications of the 3D models and 2D photos can be carried out, so it could be a great tool for both 2D and 3D subsurface crystal gift design before engraving.

4、2D to 3D conversion software

2D to 3D conversion software is powerful software in converting 2D photos to 3D photos. The converted 3D models can be applied for 3D subsurface laser engraved crystal gifts, 3D human face recognition system, Rapid prototyping, etc.


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