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Upgrade Your Device to SHINING 3D Latest Metrology 3D Scanner


Date:2019-04-01 — 2019-06-30  Position:  Booth No.:

Tired of struggling with outdated tech? Wish you could upgrade to the latest while keeping things within a reasonable cost? For a limited time only, this second quarter (Apr 1 – June 30), you can get a 25% off with the exchange of your outdated 3D scanning and inspection devices of similar value, for a brand-new SHINING 3D FreeScan or OptimScan metrology 3D scanner


Upgrade Your Device to SHINING 3D Latest Metrology 3D Scanner




Handheld 3D Laser scanner for capturing large-size objects
High-speed scanning in various operating environment



FreeScan X7 / FreeScan X5



Blue-light 3D metrology scanning technology for capturing small to medium size objects High-resolution industry inspection



OptimScan5M / OptimScan-3M



 Frequent Asked Questions:


What products can be traded in?

This promotion applies to all 3D scanners, including structured light or laser, handheld, portable or stationary, from SHINING 3D or from other brands, which are of similar value as FreeScan X5/X7 or OptimScan 3M/5M.


How does it work?

1. Simply register online through or contact local reseller, confirm your interest to use the promotion (25% discount with your trade-in). Customers must specify brand, model, year, and give assurance that scanner is in working condition and without any physical damage.

2. After receiving the RMA from our technical support department, then send your device to one of our respective offices in Hangzhou China, Stuttgart Germany or, San Francisco to be evaluated.

3. If the device is confirmed to be eligible, you will receive a Pro-Forma invoice showing special promotional pricing (25% Off) towards the purchase of a new Freescan or OptimScan. If the device is refused, it will be sent back to the end-user.

4. Payment is made directly to SHINING 3D.

5. Unit ships from the respective SHINING 3D office.


SHINING 3D is not responsible for any shipping costs including device sending, returning and new unit shipping.


How long is the warranty?

Your new scanner will be covered by our comprehensive 1 year of standard warranty, at point of sale. SHINING 3D also offers warranty extensions (renewal), multi-year coverage and premium warranty.


For any other questions, please contact


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