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Shining 3D Scan the World

Shining 3D Scan the Wor...

Shining 3D, partner with MyMiniFactory, will help give access to the increasing number of 3D printer owners around the w...
SHINING3D EMEA Opens in Stuttgart and Launches New 3D Scanners

SHINING3D EMEA Opens in...

SHINING3D, a leading global developer and manufacturer of 3D scanning, 3D printing and 3D software solutions, announces ...
Shining 3D Launches Einstart-C, the Desktop 3D Printer

Shining 3D Launches Ein...

Shining 3D, the 3D technical leader in 3D digitizing and printing, is proud to announce the launch of the Einstart-C, th...


User stories

Zhejiang Jiali Wind Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional large cast production enterprises, their Foundry Research Institute has received a number of national invention patent and utility model patents.

The automotive engineering institute has strong capacity on independent research and development. It owns the ability of automobile modeling design, engineering design, simulation analysis, test development and evaluation and prototype trial. Thanks to its domestic leading automotive emission, environmental laboratory,...

Thermal power system turbine blades design is high-end technology in manufacturing sector field. Only a few countries in the world can master. Shining3D cooperate with domestic Institutes to make the reverse engineer and 3d inspection of the turbine blade.

As the contractor of this project, Shining 3D proposed at least 10 sets of program during creation of relic copy. The final proposal “High Resolution 3D Scan & Rapid Prototyping” with “Traditional Glass Fire Technology” had been confirmed by all parties.

As the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympics is drawing near, the organizing committee has announced that the Hangzhou-based company Shining 3D Tech will be given the exclusive rights to produce its mascot 'Lele' for commercial purposes.

It is worth mentioning that Shining 3D desktop 3D scanner and 3D printer play their charms again, like the magic wand of Harry Portter, to help a boy retain one precious memory between his grandpa and him.

Recently, Xingzhi High School began a comprehensive restoration of their Memorial Hall. Unfortunately, prior to the restoration efforts began, the original Tao Xingzhi Statue suffered damage as a result of an accident.

Today’s fashionable consumers are demanding made-to-order, unique goods, such as custom-fitted garments, personalized jewelry and so on. And now even earphones are joining the ranks of made-to-measure and custom-built! D·ears is the newest star as a leading Chinese earphone supplier completely devoted to the design ...

SHINING 3D is proud to introduce the EinScan-S Scan Sharing Act winner, AKE from Thailand. AKE undertook four ultimate tests for the EinScan-S and selected EinScan-S as his ultimate choice for Architecture and interior design.

In our modern society, cinematic film, on-screen actors and computer generated visual effects unite to enhance a movie's story and appeal. CG Clones is a group of award-winning artists whose work has been featured in films, television commercials, and game cinematics.

Ancient cities like Babylon, have been subject to years of plunder, neglect and ongoing conflicts reducing them to faint facsimiles of their illustrious past. Babylon has repeatedly been denied World Heritage Site Designation because the city lacks; clearly-defined boundaries, a comprehensive preservation plan and safe...

To enhance patient treatment and to speed up delivery of more accurate orthotic devices, the Zhejiang Recovery Center needed an alternative to traditional plaster casting. They teamed up with Shining 3D to provide a faster, cleaner and less invasive alternative using a 3D scanner, named the EinScan-Pro. This device ena...

Many schools like the Hangzhou Xingzhi Middle School try to foster and grow their students’ design creativity. The school recognizes the important role these students will play in the future so they push their creativity as much as possible.

What will you do in your spare time? Will you explore something you have interest in or something relevant to your current work? Sl33pydog, a Structural Design Engineer for aviation, shows us his creative off hours to adapt anything he wants with SHINING 3D EinScan-S Desktop 3D Scanner.

Wouldn’t it be great to work in a clean and comfortable welding factory while at the same time boosting productivity and efficiency? This was exactly the challenge undertaken by VRIC (Dalian) Welding Tech Company when they decided to revolutionize their welding technology.

Newcomers to 3D scanning and printing are often overwhelmed by the challenges of learning how to use this exciting technology. If you are new to the 3D scanning and printing world, then the EinScan-S from SHINING 3D may be just what you need. To learn more about the EinScan-S, check out these videos

A company has successfully customized an auto exhaust pipe printed by Shining 3D EP-M250 metal 3D printer and the exhaust pipe has been used in a Ford Mustang car for assembly trial.

With the help of SHINING 3D’s iSLA-450 Pro industrial 3D printer, a hospital in Wuhan successfully printed out the tibia and fibula fracture model to aid surgical planning, which reduced more than 3 hours of the operation time.

Shining 3D's industrial-grade iSLA-650 3D printer has been used to print out the osteotomy guide and surgical plans to improve surgical accuracy and shorten the operation time.

A gas turbine manufacturer uses the FreeScan X7 handheld 3D laser scanner and the Digimetric photogrammetric system to scan and inspect workpieces of large gas turbines.

A precision parts manufacturer uses SHINING 3D's OKIO-5M metrology 3D scanner for batch scanning and inspection of precision Worm-Type Parts.

RobotScan E0505, a fully automatic 3D scanning system, was utilized by a company to perform the automatic batch inspection of cooler covers of the car engine.

For measurement and test of a large wind power blade, SHINING 3D provides a distinct solution and owns an experienced professional technical support team to help customers to complete the project. Because of the large-size of the wind power which was over 6-m and complex surface, SHINING 3D adopted the DigiMetric Photo...

SHINING 3D received a request from an auto heat exchange system manufacturer to inspect the quality deviation of the auto radiator water room and detect potential problems. Then modify the structure of the product based on test results.

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