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Dealer Wanted Shining3D Einstart-S Desktop 3D Printer
Dealer Wanted Shining3D...
Shining 3D is a high-tech company that offers the overall 3D digitizing technology solution. It focuses on 3D scanning a...
EinScan-S Scan Sharing Act
EinScan-S Scan Sharing ...
Shining 3D announces an EinScan-S Scan Sharing Act to promote communication among EinScan-S fans and increase interactio...
User stories

Zhejiang Jiali Wind Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional large cast production enterprises, their Foundry Research Institute has received a number of national invention patent and utility model patents.

The automotive engineering institute has strong capacity on independent research and development. It owns the ability of automobile modeling design, engineering design, simulation analysis, test development and evaluation and prototype trial. Thanks to its domestic leading automotive emission, environmental laboratory,...

Thermal power system turbine blades design is high-end technology in manufacturing sector field. Only a few countries in the world can master. Shining3D cooperate with domestic Institutes to make the reverse engineer and 3d inspection of the turbine blade.

As the contractor of this project, Shining 3D proposed at least 10 sets of program during creation of relic copy. The final proposal “High Resolution 3D Scan & Rapid Prototyping” with “Traditional Glass Fire Technology” had been confirmed by all parties.

As the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympics is drawing near, the organizing committee has announced that the Hangzhou-based company Shining 3D Tech will be given the exclusive rights to produce its mascot 'Lele' for commercial purposes.

To get a complete 3D model, we used 3D photogrammetry system and high precision blue light 3D scanner working as a whole solution helps with large size imaging work smoothly.

It is worth mentioning that Shining 3D desktop 3D scanner and 3D printer play their charms again, like the magic wand of Harry Portter, to help a boy retain one precious memory between his grandpa and him.

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